Think that through, with Tyler

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Think that through, with Tyler

Michael Dariano
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Tyler Cowen is a blogger, economist, podcast host, and voracious reader. The consumption and production of ideas from Cowen are unmatched. This pdf explores a handful of his ideas:

1. How to eat well, according to an economist

2. Who is Tyrone, and why we should all have an evil twin?

3. What is meta-rationality and why is it so important?

4. Incentives always matter but sometimes money does not. 

5. How our mood affiliation makes us mess up.  

6. The effects of compounding, especially when you're having fun. 

This is how an economist sees the world and that actually makes it easier. There are no graphs, charts, formulas, or equations (though there are some arrows and something called 'the production function'). 

We are pattern-seeking creatures and in this are six patterns to add to the mental toolbox. Some of these ideas will not be new but they'll likely be shared in a new way. You may have a screwdriver, but have you ever used it this way?

It's a pay-what-you-want offering, feel free taking it for free. If you can afford to donate you may. 

It's designed to be short. The 6,953 words should take about half-an-hour to read. It's for that moment at the dentist (who is behind, again), it's instead of one more episode of Netflix, or it's for two cups of coffee on Sunday morning. 

I want this!

One pdf.

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